February 10, 2022

Roger Pettingell – Where is Siesta Key Beach Florida?

If you are considering investing in real estate, you should consider several factors. Roger Pettingell Real Estate Agent says for starters, Sarasota’s population is growing year-round, which means that the housing prices are higher than most other cities in Florida. The median home value in Sarasota is $313,000, which is 11.3% higher than last year […]

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Roger Pettingell Real Estate Agent Sarasota’s Luxury Market Is Booming
December 3, 2021

Sarasota’s Luxury Real Estate Market Is Booming

In a recent wealth and luxury real estate report, Sarasota was named among top three “Power Players.” Roger Pettingell It might be a chapter from the book of the obvious: Sarasota, with its luxury cars and mansions, has for years been known for its affluence. This year, however, that affluence has exploded and with it […]

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