Roger Pettingell on His Work with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Roger Pettingell

December 2, 2021

Roger Pettingell Real Estate Agent His Work with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Roger Pettingell Talks Philanthropy and What It’s Like to Work with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Roger Pettingell Real Estate Agent has contracted and sold over $2 billion in luxury real estate over his career in the industry. When he advises up-and-coming agents, he talks about just how important the right mentor can be. It’s why Pettingell extends that philosophy beyond his office by working with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization devoted to inspiring youth to reach their full potential. No matter what their passions are, volunteers help foster that fire to build better communities across the US. The non-profit relies on role models like Roger Pettingell to develop the kind of relationship that sparks real change. This real estate expert weighs in on why it’s been such an essential part of his life.

The Reality of Mentorship

When people talk about what it takes to stop endless cycles of crime and poverty, they sometimes ignore the lack of strong relationships that make so many of these trends possible, to begin with. Big Brothers Big Sisters tackles some of the most severe disconnects that lead youth down the wrong path. This translates to a serious investment in the most critical resource any successful adult can give — their time.

 Roger Pettingell Real Estate Agent knows that mentorship is more than a pep talk now and again. It’s more than swooping in during an emergency and trying to solve the problem with money. It takes a real commitment to change a life, and It can take even more effort to help execute a bigger plan to achieve a person’s goals.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, the true benefit of volunteering has everything to do with navigating the bumps and bruises of meeting someone new. The results are only actual when trust can be established, and that only comes from going through a few storms now and again.

Roger Pettingell Real Estate Agent and Inspiration

Pettingell lives with his wife and two teenage sons, and being a parent has taught him a lot about what the right influences can do for someone. (Consistent support doesn’t always equal success, but statistically, it’s been the most significant predictor for stability later on in life.) Roger takes all of the lessons he’s learned and applies them to his kids and the local charities he is involved with.

Through his experiences, he helps others to grow in confidence to handle the unexpected in life. This has left him with the ability to inspire both personally and professionally. For  Roger Pettingell Real Estate Agent giving back isn’t an option. It’s a natural progression that has stemmed from the success and achievements in his life.