Sarasota Real Estate Agent Roger Pettingell Offers Expert Advice to Luxury Home Sellers

Roger Pettingell

October 14, 2021

Roger Pettingell Real Estate Agent Sarasota Offers Luxury Home Sellers

No One Is Better Qualified Than Real Estate Agent Roger Pettingell to Help You Sell Luxury Property in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

Longtime Sarasota resident Roger Pettingell is no stranger to the luxury real estate business in South Florida. As the #1 real estate sales agent for Coldwell Banker in the Sunshine State, he has sold and contracted more than $2 billion worth of property over the course of his three-plus decades in the industry, this year he is beating his own record of sales totaling more than $175 million in 2020. Along the way, he has learned countless valuable lessons about luxury real estate, many of which he’s happy to impart to local residents and others looking to sell in Southwest Florida.


 When the Market Is Hot, Sellers Need a Real Estate Agent Like Roger More Than Ever

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, Roger Pettingell believes it’s more important than ever to have a good agent working on your behalf in a hot marketplace like the present one.

“One might suggest [that these days] you need a real estate agentless,” he opines, “but I would argue you need a better real estate agent more; what you really want in a market like this is an explosive introduction for each listing because you know people out there are already looking. You want to get it to the largest number of those buyers in order to get the best price and the best terms for the seller.”


 Home Sellers Should Work with an Internationally Connected Company

Roger says that, especially during exceptional times such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential to work with a brokerage firm like Coldwell Banker that brings a national and international presence to the table. At Coldwell Banker, he is a member of the firm’s prestigious International Luxury Alliance Network, an elite group of luxury marketing experts drawn from the United States and Europe.

“I do feel there’s a second wave of buyers coming from the international markets that we haven’t had access to in the last year because of travel restrictions,” Roger Pettingell goes on to tell us that “The Sarasota market is a lifestyle choice. Most of the people I’m working with are not buying their homes as an investment to flip where they need to get in at the lowest price and sell at the highest. They’re making an investment in their life. They’re buying a second home or relocating their primary residence to Florida and setting up a place where their family can gather.”


Sales Agents Should Take Advantage of New Technology

While many brokers rely on traditional methods to market their listings, he eagerly embraces new technology, allowing him to market to more extensive and precisely targeted audience groups. Early on in his career, he was the first agent in his office to buy his computer. Today, he attends real estate technology conferences and takes full advantage of social media to build relationships and advertise his latest properties. He also regularly features video listings on his vlog, REALTALK™, with Roger Pettingell.

“Anytime there’s an opportunity to be on the cutting edge, it’s where you want to be,” he advises sellers.


 Not Just Another Luxury Broker

Although the above advice might strike the reader as perfunctory, he is not a disinterested broker who engages in his business as a hobby or part-time avocation; in fact, just the opposite is true. Roger has been a valued member of the Sarasota community for decades, and he’s lived in many of the luxury developments he’s done business in and around, including L’Ambiance, Sanctuary, Grand Bay, Beachplace, Country Club Shores, Harbor Acres, and Bird Key.

He enjoys the waterfront lifestyle just as much as his clients, and he’s actively involved in many area charities and organizations, such as the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the Forty Carrots Family Center, the Sarasota Child Protection Center, Southeastern Guide Dogs and the West Coast Black Theatre Troupe. he is also a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Adopt A Family, and the American Red Cross. Today, he lives in Bird Key with his wife Alisa and his two teenage sons, Max and Jake. When he’s not working, Roger can be found enjoying the Florida sun with his family, often at one of his sons’ tennis tournaments.

When you’re ready to sell in Southwest Florida, you won’t find better real estate representation than Roger Pettingell. Give him a call today, and see what he can do with your property!